Settling in

Well, I have unpacked and I still have plenty room on my shelves. I didn’t know there would be some much room for tsotchkes. My room faces East so I have a mixed view of the land and the water. It is really beautiful, lush and full of wildflowers (and black flies) but the houses along the way are all wood shingled and you can get a sense of the severity in winter from the worn siding and trees that grow at an angle. No complaints about the weather thus far though, sunny, breezy, upper sixties, what’s not to love?

main buildingsThese are the main buildings, the ones I live in. There are also a number of small retreat cabins, larger cabins for more permanent residence, a 3 year retreat center and Shedra, or school where the Spring and Fall teachings are held. Oh, and there’s a workshop! It’s got a big room, a sink and a lot of power tools, mostly for wood working and a storage room full of furniture.

The food so far has been great. Lentil quesadillas, roast potatoes and green salad, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal and toast for breakfast and soup in the evening that’s made of leftovers and very delicious. We’re not supposed to chew after 1:30pm but the soup is hearty enough to feel substantial.

The CliffWe are about this far up from the water. It’s pretty far and the first time I went down to the beach (which requires you to ‘walk’ down while holding onto a knotted rope) it took awhile. It’s a rocky beach but there is a big flat one to lie upon and understandably secluded.

Today is Lobster Release Day and tomorrow is Canada Day with a picnic and softball game with the volunteer firefighters. I’ll post about that next. Speaking of posting, the signal here is spotty and I’ve been able to find it alright by walking around with my computer in my pajamas (not really allowed but I have 3 days to settle in and do what I want so they are being very tolerant ) but once I get in the schedule, the amount of time I can devote to getting the internet will be less.

Today (Saturday) is an open day. I’m going to grind the coffee I roasted at Diane’s before I Ieft and drink it. There is a group of students from St. Francis Xavier in Anogonish NS here for a week long retreat so it’s been fun and very lively. It kinda feels like college for me too; living in a small room, making new friends in the dining room, going to planned activities like movie night (we watched O Brother Where Art Thou? ).

Still no moose, or bear.


2 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. It’s Moose and Squirrel you have to look out for! I’d just read about the Lobster Release a few days ago – that’s pretty cool. Loving the updates. Looking foorward to more. Be well.

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