Springtime at the Abbey

IMG_3442What a beautiful picture of the lawn and sea taken on the Spring Equinox!

I get it, I’m from Chicago, the arrival of Spring is a gamble but despite being from Chicago, I hate the cold. I also do not enjoy the wind. It has snowed pretty consistently since the Equinox too. Like today for example. I was walking down the driveway with Changchup and Ani Pema and had the following exchange;

A. Pema – “Isn’t it beautiful?” IMG_3450 Me – “I’m having a problem seeing it that way due to my knowledge that it is April”  A. Pema – “What does it matter that its April?”

Yes, I know that my constant grasping to how things should be causes my own suffering. I also know that that knowledge is cold comfort and doesn’t make me any happier with the weather. Aside from that, there are some noticeable signs to Spring. Some trees are starting to have buds! It doesn’t get dark until after evening chants so you can talk a walk in the evening. And the Moose and Squirrels! Well, the Moose must have either eaten everything there is already higher up the mountain or the grass near the buildings is sweeter because they have been around a lot. IMG_3481This picture was taken from the porch of a retreat cabin I was staying in. 3 moose, a momma moose and two ‘little’ ones lazily munching on the spruce trees. I spent the better part of a week feeding squirrels fried egg yolks (I really only like the whites…..) and apples with peanut butter and following moose tracks through the woods on snow shoes. It was during solitary retreat. I wandered around and ate sandwiches for dinner. Quite the exciting life.


So, this is Spring. The creek is unfrozen, as are the water pipes to the most desired retreat cabin and my little car will almost make it up the mountain. Soon little car, soon….moose


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