Complete Silliness

IMG_3487There is a calligraphy over the area where the daily schedule is posted that reads ‘Enjoy Life’.  It’s a welcome reminder in conjunction with the piece of paper that tells you where to be from 6am – 7pm most days. I struggle a lot here, all of my own making. For all it’s beauty and kindness and wonderful people, I still get wound up and anxious and grumpy. This past week, the anxiety and grumpiness arose around the refinishing of the dining room floor. We did it ourselves and as you could imagine, even though it was not my first time, there was still a big learning curve. The hardware store is an hour away so when you’ve forgotten the get the right sanding belt, and you’ve only got a limited amount of time before the sander has to go back (3 hours away), you go with what you’ve got. Well, that’s the decision I made anyway. So for the first 3 days, I was extremely unhappy with the job I had done. The floor was wavy, not smooth enough to slide in your socks, failure! Thankfully, everyone here is very appreciative of the floor looking better than it had in years  and didn’t mind me taking up extra time to sand down the finish and re-coat. IMG_3486Here’s the result. It was open day and people kept popping their head in to admire. I finally took the ‘Do Not Enter’ signs down, replaced with a ‘Socks Only’ admonition. Immediately, there were nuns racing end to end and sliding in their socks. IMG_3489They created a special mudra, the cross fingered, supplication to not break a hip hand gesture, and twirled around. Changchup even went up and got Ani Migme and brought her down to participate. I know this picture looks like she is being dragged against her will, but they are actually pulling her around the floor soIMG_3495 she could slide in her socks safely. There was ballroom dancing and pretending like we were ice skating. Although they don’t appear on camera, some monks got in on the action too. Senge, my work buddy, and I tested it out first thing and Chodzin had come in earlier and was doing full turns at the end of his runs. So much fun, so much silliness. Perfect snowball throwing snow, eating fresh baked bread, sliding on newly finished floors. These are opportunities that you just shouldn’t ever let pass you by. IMG_3498




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