Michelle Nordmeyer
Chicago, IL

Bio: I am a former Bricklayer/Labor Organizer/Kitchen Manager/Gas Station Attendant/Photo Lab Worker who now makes her money cooking at a Jewish deli and performing maintenance at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL. Throughout these jobs, I've been a printmaker. My work addresses the human experience of chronic misunderstanding, often illustrating the elaborate strings of what I feel are significant and connected thoughts to help me get to the essence of what I know. Or try to, anyway. My latest project, The Intention Generator, will be a series of simpler images, usually a positive intention for the understanding that we are interconnected, given out as gifts to strangers (for the most part). I've set up the blog intentiongenerator.com to allow for a person to find out who I am, why I'm doing the project, or ask questions if they have them.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog, Michelle. You were so brave driving off to the unknown, so I am pleased to reconnect by way of your narrative on being a buddhist-in-training (is there any other kind?) and on your travails on being a groundskeeper in a place that seldom thaws out long enough. But the earth is on a warming trend, no? I am slowly following some of your reading material passed along to me from Rob. This is a soothing approach to healing from perpetual stress and self deprecation. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You know, you are a pretty good teacher, at that. Good luck with the new position. ~Libby

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