Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Happy FamilyI was showing the photos from my sister’s wedding to friends, along with some from the half marathon, and they made this interesting comment; ‘you can tell you were raised in a stable family’. Was it the picture of my sister with two good friends, one of whom she’s known since kindergarten? Or the group photo of a bunch of us after the half marathon wearing matching shirts? or the fact that I wore a suit and tie to the wedding and everyone complimented me? Yes. All of them.

It’s not a small amount of sadness and fear that I have right now. I am blessed with a wonderful family and great friends. Family who, for the past two months, have continually come over to cook me food, clean my house, haul gravel and move couches. Friends who push me to have parties and make me a cake, invite me over for beer and dinner, take said couches and furniture, and take supreme care of my dear, dear Kitten. And yet I am choosing to leave.

I am about to go on an amazing adventure and it is only because of support and love and encouragement from my family and friends that it is possible. If you think that this will be fun and exciting, know that you had a hand in making it possible. If you think I am crazy and it terrifies you a bit, well, you made that happen too. I have as late acted like I live in a bubble and these past few months have shaken me out of that view. Nothing I have or have ever done is a result of only my own work. I am fortunate beyond measure and that has everything to do with each one of you.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  1. MIchelle- it will be quite an adventure, but we know you are up to it and will gain so much from the experience. your family and friends will miss you but will enjoy hearing all about it- take care!
    bob and bonnie kostuk

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